Wednesday, February 9, 2011

songs to check out, wednesday's editon

habari za mchana!

let it be known:
i am a devotee of the fleet foxes. I must admit, I am jazzed that they are releasing their long awaited second LP as well as supporting it with a tour this coming spring. check them out if you haven't, lest you miss out on some of the music that's paving the way for the future.

in between their first and second records, the foxes' off-season if you will, Fleet Fox himself Robin Pecknold (the front-man) released some recordings under the alias of White Antelope. my main man tim hipped me to Robin's endevours (by way of the maiden emily, of course) and I was reassured that Robin's musical gifts would not be left to be lost to the recesses of time.

homebabys, hear his cover of this old tune 'silver dagger', and be sure to notice the way that His voice resonates with Your soul.

now isn't that just lovely? Joan's got this next one.

in honour of this song and it's legacy, I did a rendition of 'silver dagger' alongside one of my own compositions, 'lyric of limerence' at a show I played in st. louis in january. the quality isn't the best, but I must pay my respects to Robin and Joan and everybody everywhere always.

dig it! :

music is the best. be good to yourself, and get lay down with the Fleet Foxes if you haven't yet.