Thursday, February 10, 2011

extended blues edition

thursday, ankle-deep in the blues. the music in this post comes from America in the more fledgling years of the 20th century. historic sounds resonate in the fibers of the bluesmen voices; expressed with the utmost emotion.

here is john lee hooker in 1965, delta blues, notice how he only uses one chord
also find the TOMS in the background, can you dig it?

and then charley patton, a throwback. blues forefather

and now our Jimi doing a pumped up howlin wolf rendition- the White Stripes do a version of this song too, and, if you'll heed, the lyrics are also the source of a Zeppelin pilfer, namely "the Lemon song", ya dig?

it is important to be well versed in your Blues

jivin and hi-fivin,


  1. Way before my time :L

  2. I haven't heard of the top two before but I like em. Jimi is a little closer to my era and I really enjoy all of his work

  3. That's an awesome Hooker vid! Thanks for sharing!