Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weeks End


hope everybody had a good weekend. let me contribute to your thoughts with some music. I bought some cds today. Here's one of the songs from one of the cds:

don't forget where you came from:

I played a basement gig saturday night, a grand old time. check out some of it:

"little wing" - Jimi Hendrix - Toms

Now I will take this space to provide you with a very special 'then and now' glimpse into the unfolding of time. Here is something that will provide you with another signification of time's passage. In my eyes We are perpetually progressing cyclically like a cosmic flower constantly unfolding itself, constantly blooming. Bloom-field. Mike Bloomfield. But dig this! here are two videos of the same song played with a year in between them.

"big machine" -Toms in 2011

"big machine" -Toms in 2010

Now be about your business! i love you


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