Sunday, February 13, 2011

week's end, sunday

check out this howlin' wolf song; check out this howlin' wolf record. the name of it is 'the howlin' wolf album'; it came out in 1968 I believe, a most joyous time for music. but you see this particular howlin' wolf record should be contrasted only against his contemporary Muddy Waters' record, 'electric mud.' both records feature the backing of psychedelic studio group Rotary Connection, and they most certainly lay it down.

what's more interesting about these records is that both Muddy and Wolf are traditional electric chicago bluesmen, the real bridge between acoustic down-south blues with the rock and roll from the late 60s and early 70s that we all know and love. needless to say, these records came late in the careers of both Wolf and Muddy, and with influence from the psychedelic blues sounds of acts like Jimi and Cream, Muddy and Wolf, blues greats, responded like-such:

howlin' wolf was reported to have expressed that he was NOT in fact down with the usage of wah-wahs. typical traditional bluesman, ya dig? be careful because this music can do things to you.

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