Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Habari ya jioni Marafiki!

it's tuesday night and rainy in san francisco, I hope everybody is keeping each other warm with friendship, that's what counts. take some time now to open your mind to some songs that i've come into contact with currently and maybe just maybe if we hear the same music we can sync up onto the same vibration and coexist harmoniously, you dig?

check this out: the godfather of soul, James Brown. listen to this song, it contains the number one sampled rap beat. you can hear it when James breaks the band down in the middle of the song.

two records I listened to today: 'apostrophe' by Frank Zappa and 'let's take it to the stage' by Funkadelic. my groove levels were sufficiently nourished throughout the duration of the day.

alright so now that we're knee deep in the Tuesday Swing, let me show y'all what's been happening here: my friends from back in st louis Nick and Kyle have been playing music in the Regis Colorado area, they threw this video up on the facebooks today, I checked it out, and now I'm sharing it with y'all

well that's all I got for tonight. let it be known that I am pursuing a job as a guitar teacher at a music store 'round these parts, and I am excited about it. other than that all the news is nzuri.



  1. That Intermission Song is so damn catchy, thanks for the suggestion, maybe I can find a use for that song somewhere.